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Grace Cleaves provides solutions in several areas of need, typical in health care settings

  • Provider and administrator coaching

  • Executive team building, strategy, and priority setting

  • Board, departmental or team retreat facilitation

  • Resilience training

  • Partner or collegial conflict 

Hospitals, clinics, and medical practices need providers that are engaged in the business of medicine. Yet did they learn management, communication and finance skills in med school? Most did not. High-performing clinicians can become good managers and great leaders.


Who in your organization could benefit from an experienced executive coach, one that has worked with administrators, primary care and specialty docs, surgeons, PAs, and NPs to help them become more effective and more resilient in their demanding environments? Is it you? Your practice partner? Your aspiring ED leader? Your executive team?


Is there a disruptive provider in your midst, one who is affecting morale, causing turnover or presenting a risk to your practice or institution? Grace Cleaves has direct experience with coaching individuals who are not complying with requests to change behaviors.


Professional Development for Physicians, Providers and Key Leaders

“.......I learned how I’ve locked myself into certain roles and how quickly I revert to my baseline communication style.”  

                                                                                                                                                                                                Orthopedic surgeon, Texas

"Your insightful questions helped define the salient problem.  Suggested strategies to use in specific instances were very helpful.  Particularly helpful was encouraging self-awareness of my own reactions during difficult conversations."                   Christine Sullivan, MD, Primary Care

"[Her] ability to focus on my specific strengths and weaknesses and provide directed, constructive feedback and tools, allowed me to become a better leader."                                                                                                                                              Craig Curtis, MD, Occupational Medicine                                                                                       

  • Having a high stakes meeting soon?

  • Have some goals to communicate and a plan that requires your involvement?


Use an experienced facilitator so you can participate and stay on the agenda.  


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Facilitating outcome-oriented meetings
in high-stakes situations

Health Care

Where change is constant and expectations are high

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