Facilitating outcome-oriented meetings in high-stakes situations

Executive Coaching 

Coaching C-level executives, corporate leaders and physicians in management and leadership skills, becomes important in times when adapting behaviors, managing conflict and change, and accomplishment of goals requires special attention.


We all have limits and the more we progress in our careers, the more we recognize them. Grace Cleaves specializes in coaching executives, high-level producers, and aspiring senior managers to adapt their behavior to the demands of their positions, to improve personally and professionally. 

Having a high stakes meeting soon? Have some goals to communicate and a plan that requires your involvement? Use an experienced facilitator so you can participate and stay on the agenda.  Click to learn more about our meeting facilitation services.

Wisdom and expertise in facilitation and executive coaching

 Taking   you beyond your current capacity


Just as you act as advisors for your colleagues, leaders, direct reports, and the board so do you need advice and guidance. A sign of true leadership is that very ability: knowing when to ask for help, when you need a new strategy, when you're in too deep, or when the current need transcends your level of management expertise or comfort.

Do these Gauges or Triggers resonate with you? Consider your need for help, for yourself or others in your group


  1. When are you not at ease? When do you feel like you're reaching for answers just outside your leadership expertise? 

  2. Are changes in your business model, growth or culture requiring a shift to incorporate more specific abilities?

  3. Do you have uncooperative colleagues or staff - people of great expertise, esteem or revenue impact within the organization but who are difficult to manage or bring around to new ways of thinking?

  4. Are you in line for stepping up to a higher level of responsibility, whether within your current business or at a new organization?

  5. Do you have the opportunity to present at national conferences but lack the presentation skills that match the opportunity? Or maybe it's a pitch to your CEO or board?

"Grace Cleaves is consistently a consummate professional, bringing great skill, expertise, and knowledge to her coaching role."  Lisa Letourneau, MD

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