What to expect


Physician participants will have considerably more insight into the following questions:


  • What is the risk for me if I do not change certain behaviors or interactions?

  • Under what circumstances do I engage in interactions that are sub-optimal?

  • How can I recognize the triggers to these circumstances?

  • What are my options, and how do I develop tools to behave differently, whether I am "at fault" or not?


BCC provides pre-engagement discussion with supervisory leadership and tangible tools, follow-up plans and a coaching regimen for physicians to help assure that the gains of coaching and training are solidly realized and fully implemented.


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Help for Disruptive Physicians and Health Care Providers

Beyond Clinical Competence LLC 's CEO, Grace Cleaves, provides coaching for physicians/providers who are heightening an already charged atmosphere by demonstrating ineffective communications and behavior in the workplace. The work with these individuals is collegial and challenging and prompts participants to carefully consider consequences as they face the effects of their behavior.


How do difficult doctors behave in more collaborative ways? The question is more “why would they?”


What would drive choosing a different approach to communicating? The coach works to determine their impetus for potential change – is it a desire for more influence? A better reputation? A legacy their family can be proud of? Getting administration off their backs? A more balanced call schedule?


Administrators and CMOs can’t ask people to change their personalities, but they can expect them to change their behaviors. A one-on-one approach to identifying goals, triggers and remediation can lead the way to change.


Services include:

  • Executive coaching for individual physicians

  • Training for physicians and work teams

  • Simulations

  • Coaching or taining for CMOs and physician supervisors 

“….stimulating! Very helpful in getting me to look at my work situation more realistically. I must adapt to working the changes…                                                                                      Anesthesiologist, New York, NY

“…the work was quite effective in identifying patterns of

communication that I engage in that are limiting my effectiveness."

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Houston, TX

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